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Interdisciplinary Program for Research and Scholarship

Hands-On Workshop | In the Community

Open to students of all majors, QUIP-RS provides up to $5,000 in funding for undergraduate students to conduct research or complete creative projects alongside faculty mentors. This intensive 8-week program enables students to develop scholarly skills while encouraging discussion about successes and shortcomings with fellows and mentors.

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QUIP-RS 2024 Application Process

Applications are due April 5, 2024 by 4 p.m.

Notification: April 15, 2024

Program dates: May 20 to July 12, 2024 (8 weeks)

Prior to completing the application form, students must identify a faculty mentor and design a project with the mentor that can be accomplished within the research period. The faculty mentor working with the student must be available during the entire 8-week research.

Learn more about the application process (Quinnipiac login required)

Applications must include:  

  1. Signed Student & Faculty Affidavits

  2. Project Narrative

  3. Two Letters of Recommendation (submitted separately)

  4. Academic Transcript

  5. IRB Letter / Human or Animal Subjects Approval (if applicable)

  6. Proof of Eligibility to Work (if applicable)

Submit Your Application

Additional details about application process (Quinnipiac login required)

If you have questions about the application, please email Katie Place.

Past Research Topics


Student Project Major School Mentor
Vlora Alka ’24 The effects of acute exercise on working and recognition memory  Biomedical Science and Sociology School of Health Sciences  
Alyssa Arends ’24 Queer temporality, citizenship & the Rohingya genocide Political Science and History College of Arts and Sciences Larissa Pitts, Nita Prasad and Marcos Scauso
Julia Bock ’26 AI for All: Investigating the presence of pore-clogging ingredients within skincare and beauty products using artificial intelligence Computer Science School of Computing and Engineering Chetan Jaiswal
Alina Filandro ’25 The impact of pollinator gardens on pollinator diversity and density Biology College of Arts and Sciences Sarah Lawson
Mackenzie Guthrie ’24 Assessing the role of compost and road salt on heavy metal retention from roadside bioswales. Civil Engineering School of Computing and Engineering John Greenleaf and Kimberly DiGiovanni
Madisyn King ’24 Cognition and Music Preference: Listening that impacts our emotion Health Science Studies School of Health Sciences Jonathan Torres
Aamnah Malik ’25 POLY AI: Polyglot analysis using artificial intelligence Computer Science School of Computing and Engineering Chetan Jaiswal
Teddi Matthews ’24 Characterizing the promoter of the late phage operon ΦBB-1, a bacteriophage of Borrelia burgdorferi Biomedical Sciences School of Health Sciences Christian Eggers
Emina Metjahic ’24 Effort-choice behaviors as the result of early life adversity characterized by maternal separation Behavioral Neursocience College of Arts and Sciences Adrienne Betz and Joshua Haight
Finn Meyer ’26 Film, Television and Media: Transgender representation on screen and its real-world effects Film, Television and Media Studies School of Communications Katie Place
Jenelle Miller ’24 Early life stress as a model of anhedonia in rodent models using effort-choice testing Behavioral Neursocience College of Arts and Sciences Joshua Haight and Adrienne Betz
Amari O'Connor ’24 Social Change Through Media: What does representation mean to you? Game Design and Theater College of Arts and Sciences Abigail Copeland and Jonah Warren
Ryan Sliger ’26 FRIL: Facial feature recognition and implementation for focused learning Computer Science School of Computing and Engineering Chetan Jaiswal
Nicole Wijendra ’26 Investigation of the impacts of physical and chemical properties of soil on NO flux in suburban soils from South Central CT Biochemistry College of Arts and Sciences Robert Hanson




Social Enrichment

QUIP-RS is open to students from all disciplines at Quinnipiac from computing and technology to business and the humanities. Research experiences are coupled with a high degree of interaction between all faculty and student participants. With opportunities to unwind during hikes, field trips and sporting events alongside career development events like speaker panels, resume workshops and coaching sessions, QUIP-RS provides a rich interdisciplinary foundation that defines what it means to be a lifelong scholar.

Our Faculty and Staff

QUIP-RS Co-Chairs