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iQ, Quinnipiac University’s holistic approach to career development and experiential learning, surrounds every individual with a personalized plan that maximizes their time at Quinnipiac — the top-ranked university for getting a job after graduation. 

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97.4% Successful Outcomes

Nearly all Quinnipiac graduates are either employed or pursuing advanced education within 6 months after graduating.

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For the third year in a row, the career site Zippia ranked Quinnipiac as the best college in the nation for employment 10 years after graduation.

73% Hands-On Experience

Percentage of seniors who participated in at least one internship during their time at Quinnipiac.

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iQ is Quinnipiac University's way of ensuring that every student sees a meaningful and measurable return on their investment. Representing a holistic approach to advising, iQ prioritizes an educational journey that maximizes each student's skills, appeals to their interests and positions them as competitive applicants for desirable jobs.

The powerhouse of iQ, our Career and Experiential Learning Lab is the physical space where students and advisers bridge the gap between college and career. From identifying degree paths to fine-tuning resumes, preparing for interviews and researching jobs and internships, the Career and Experiential Learning Lab serves as a training ground for students to develop real-world-ready skills that are in demand across every industry. 

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At the Career and Experiential Learning Lab, students take an active role in building a comprehensive educational experience that appeals to their interests, hones their skills and strengthens their resumes. Connect with our advisers or leverage our expansive set of tools and resources to determine the right next step in your journey.

Experiential Learning

Studying and working outside the classroom challenges you — and changes you. These experiences, from competitions and capstones to study abroad opportunities and service outlets, make you more confident, more independent and better prepared for whatever profession you pursue. 

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Quinnipiac students excel as interns, new hires, managers and executives in almost every industry. Gather real-world data about starting salaries, hiring trends and in-demand skills to inform your decision-making and put you on a path to success.

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Are you looking to scale up local impact, revolutionize a system or department or even expand globally to achieve your goals? Partnering with Quinnipiac University will unlock custom solutions to propel your organization forward. Your employees will immediately become eligible for tuition savings on new learning experiences with our industry-leading faculty as they work to complete their degrees, pursue graduate study or earn professional certificates.

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Student research, collaboration take center stage at first Exploratorium

A student points to her academic poster as she presents her research to an Exploratorium attendee.

The creative energy filling the symposium aisles was a stimulating kick-off to a busy Saturday during this year’s Bobcat Weekend that welcomed more than 4,000 families and students and over 600 alumni to campus, with more than 500 people registered to attend Exploratorium.

“This is an event that is designed to showcase the excellent faculty, student research, and other types of exemplary teaching and special projects that occur on campus,” said Wesley Renfro, Exploratorium planning committee member and senior associate dean for academic affairs and strategic initiatives in the College of Arts and Sciences. “This event was a way to give our alumni and friends on campus for Bobcat Weekend a chance to see some of the amazing things that occur in our classrooms and in our research spaces.”

All Quinnipiac students actively engage in research, creative endeavors and other forms of innovative thinking. Through Exploratorium, the Bobcat community could gain a snapshot of the scholarly excellence happening across the university every day. Projects highlighted the university’s commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration between humanities and STEM-related programs, as well as student projects with Quinnipiac University Interdisciplinary Program for Research and Scholarship (QUIP-RS).

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A student points to her academic poster as she presents her research to an Exploratorium attendee.

Student research, collaboration take center stage at first Exploratorium Opens in a new tab or window.

When The Agency’s student team set up their table presentation at Bobcat Weekend’s Exploratorium, they anticipated getting a lot of questions about their work as a full-service, student-run, interdisciplinary communication firm. What they didn’t expect was to gain a new client.

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