Quinnipiac iQ Career and Experiential Learning Lab
Two students collaborate at a table with toys

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Interprofessional Pediatric Seminar on Adaptive Play

Faculty-Led Workshop | North Haven Campus

Play is the way that children learn and grow. For some children with disabilities, their ability to use toys is hampered or impossible. 

As an interdisciplinary team during a collaborative all-day workshop, students work together to design and create an adapted toy for a child with different mobility, sensory or cognitive abilities.

Learn how to problem solve as an interprofessional team

Project Goals

  • Designing adapted toys for children with disabilities.
  • Encourage collaborative work between students from across disciplines

Project Format

  • 3-hour seminar
  • Working as a team of 5-8 students, including students from other universities
  • Given a real case — a child with an adaptive need
    • Sometimes the child and their parent attend
    • Sometimes the students are given photos, video and description about the needs of the child
  • 8 faculty provide guidance and expertise
  • Ends with a debreif and learning analysis

Programs and Schools Involved

  • Open to all majors across the university