Quinnipiac iQ Career and Experiential Learning Lab
A game design and development student works on the 3D-modeling of one of her characters with the help of a professor

Experiential Learning

Course Projects and Capstones

Like every Quinnipiac student, you'll have many opportunities to learn via hands-on experience through course projects and capstones. These immersive experiences illustrate the depth of your knowledge and skill not only to your professors and peers, but also to potential future employers.

Your Crowning Achievement

We know that each academic program — and student — is unique, and therefore no two capstones, projects or portfolios will look the same in scope or execution. Communications and media studies students may produce a documentary over four years that showcases their visual storytelling ability, while students in civil engineering may spend the bulk of their senior year working with a local environmental agency. Student work can be collaborative and interdisciplinary, allowing you to contribute your expertise to a greater project alongside peers from several other majors. Your adviser will work closely with you to map out exactly what your project will look like — and it will become your crowning achievement.

Your student work and passion projects synthesize every bit of knowledge you’ve acquired and allow you to do or create something impactful with it. Moreover, it stands as a testament of your capabilities and growth from curious student to an extraordinarily well-prepared professional.

Recent Student Projects and Capstones

Course projects enable students to learn through a combination of experiences. By applying knowledge and skills from different disciplines, students are able to challenge themselves through learning in a hands-on and creative way. Through self-driven or team projects, students are able to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. These projects allow students to gain an in-depth understanding by applying knowledge to practice, often giving them insights into different industries and career paths

Learn by Doing

Student-Managed Portfolio

Housed within the curriculum of FIN 450: Applied Portfolio Management, the Student-Managed Portfolio raises the stakes as students manage real funds and assume roles that mirror those they'll encounter at the launch of their careers in the financial sector.

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ADPR 405: The Agency

Under the guidance of our esteemed faculty, The Agency has successfully funneled student creativity and passion into projects all areas of communications.

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Game Design and Development Showcase

Throughout the year, students in the Game Design and Development program work to develop original games. At the end of the year, their work is celebrated at the program's annual showcase and competition.

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Projects Day

Projects Day is designed to showcase and celebrate our students’ hard work and achievements from real-world projects completed during the spring semester. Mentored by professionals in the industry, students assemble into design teams, choose topics and bring their ideas to life.

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2024 Student Research Symposium

Quinnipiac student presents her research poster to two other students who are pictured smiling
A day of research and wonder for the College of Arts and Sciences

May 7, 2024

For most people, there are two sides to every story. But don’t count math major Gianna Basso ’24, MAT ’25, among them. She subscribes to a different group theory.
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Collaborating across the university

Students show off their posters
Students highlight benefits of working with the Quinnipiac Poll
Students from political communication, polling and opinion and marketing research classes were able to show off their hard work during the second annual Quinnipiac Poll Signature Experience Poster Session.
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